Gun Violence

Hello everyone! The past few weeks have been quite an adventure in my personal life due to family members moving, medical school interviews, and the unfortunate febrile illness going through the house. It was never my intent to leave readers hanging without a weekly post, but here we are, unfortunately.

Due to the recent mass shooting attack on the eve of October 1st at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, I would like to bring recognition to gun violence and its associated research, or lack thereof. I have already written a post regarding these issues when I was an author with UT Dallas’ Public Health Initiative. My post, with pertinent links and sources, can be found here. Although the article primarily focuses on the single victim incidents that were relevant at the time of my post (made almost a year ago in November 2016), the information is still pertinent to the mass shooting that occurred recently.

Unfortunately, mass shootings have occurred multiple times throughout the US and elsewhere across the globe in recent history. The Las Vegas shooting is the most deadly mass shooting attack in US history. In response to the recent mass shooting, there have been calls to continue to address the issues surrounding firearm safety. The NRA has even spoken out about the need for more regulation on some types of firearm equipment, most notably the bump stock, which can make guns perform more like automatic weapons. The gun control debate is still ongoing in light of recent events.

I would like to extend my thoughts and condolences to individuals, families, and friends affected by gun violence, as well as my support and recognition to all of the service men and women in out health care, public safety, and protection services that have lent their expertise and support to all who have been affected. Gun violence is not the solution to our country’s issues.


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