A Warm Welcome

Hello everyone and welcome to The Art of a Healthy Heart!

Over the past year, I have submitted articles about current public health issues to The Phiver, a blog hosted by Public Health Initiative at UT-Dallas. I have loved the opportunity to write about such meaningful health care topics, spread general education and information, and stay involved in the changing environment of our country’s health and medical care system. As such, I have decided to continue my passion by archiving my thoughts on this personal blog. Here, I will be able to approach a broader range of subjects and really delve into topics in a way that I haven’t in the past.

This blog will be updated on a weekly basis with new posts citing current news and research articles so that the information and thoughts provided can be further supported by current news and events. So, if you ever find anything on here as an interest to you, don’t hesitate to click the hyperlinks on the page for more information. One of the foundations of public health is education as a means of informed decision making and preventative care. While not all health issues can be solved this way, I hope to carve out my own little helpful niche on the internet to inform and entertain. Hopefully you all learn something along the way. (To be clear, I am not a medical professional or a public health professional. This information is not presented as medical fact or clinical guidance. If you have a genuine question or concern, please consult your medical professional).

I also plan to share my experience as a medical school applicant with all of you. Starting this process was daunting and intimidating for me, and I have become quite proud of how far I have come. There is always more to do and more to learn and hopefully by sharing my experience with others, I will make this task a little easier for future health care applicants down the road.

I hope all of you enjoy joining me on this adventure. Together we will stay up to date on public health issues and the changing political climate surrounding health care!


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